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Goldbergs' was named among the top in the Pacific Northwest for its Reuben Sandwich!

"Goldbergs' is the closest thing we've got to an East Coast delicatessen — its well-stocked bar notwithstanding.  Fressers who flock to Factoria can revel in a complimentary bowl of pickles, precursor to a hefty Reuben ($12.95) whose seeded zissel rye has the sour flavor and close-crumb structure that's all too often missing-in-action elsewhere.  The bread stands up to a hillock of hot corned beef or smoky pastrami (or add a buck for both), plus a thick layer of Swiss, a schmear of Russian dressing and an evenhanded application of kraut.  Hit the deli counter and you can take home a bissel of the zissel and some beef (corned or smoked) and do it yourself."    --Nancy Leson, Seattle Times

AOL CityGuide

AOL CityGuide

Goldbergs' has also been voted Seattle's Best Family Friendly Restaurant for 2006 and 2007 by AOL CITYGUIDE.



Our guests speak

Goldbergs' guests have a lot to say!

The corned beef sandwich is perfection. A Solid 10! No, a solid 11.95!"

"As always, WONDERFUL! I am not in town as much as I would like, but I don't miss dinner here. Growing up in the Fairfax District in LA and spending Sunday morning at Canter's Deli with dad back in the 1960's was precious. You bring me back to those days!"

"This was my first time in here-didn't know about it before, and I am IN LOVE! The atmosphere, menu, food, music, and humor light up my life and fill my soul and my tummy. I'm the chair of The Washington State Jewish Democratic Caucus, and I'll endorse you to EVERYONE! Need a spokesperson? I'm in! Thanks for a great experience!"


"Great food! Had The Amadeus- AWESOME!! Chopped liver reminded me of my Aunt Freda's. I'm glad to find a REAL Jewish deli here in the NW!

"First time here. I heard ads on KVI. Awesome food! I could tell this place has a huge emphasis on service. I was greeted at the door, was seated immediately, had an awesome server and was all around attended to.


"My first visit to Goldbergs' reminded me of the Stage Deli minus the rough, hectic hustle of New Yorkers. At Goldbergs, I enjoyed the nice quiet atmosphere and will return for "hits the spot" Jewish deli food!"